Buying Used Cars in Meadow Lake

By: PineRidge Ford   |   31 Jul 2022

When shopping around for a vehicle, buying brand-new can come with numerous benefits and may seem like the obvious route. However, more and more individuals in Meadow Lake are beginning to see the benefit of buying preowned, especially if you’ve got your eye on a Ford. The Ford name is synonymous will reliability and longevity, which is particularly helpful when it comes to depreciation costs. All these conveniences prove to be even more valuable if you’re someone who’s shopping used. Here at PineRidge Ford, we offer only the best quality used vehicles at the most affordable prices this side of Saskatchewan! In this post, we’ll give you a rundown of all the reasons why buying a pre-owned Ford truck or SUV can benefit you and your family.

Getting You From A to C

To simplify your used buying experience, we’ve split our pre-owned vehicles into three different classes: A, B and C. The A class delivers a premium used vehicle package, including a 6-month / 10,000 km powertrain warranty, a 30-day / 1000 km worry-free exchange period along with eligibility for extended warranty programs. A B grading on one of our pre-owned vehicles signifies that the car, truck or SUV may contain a Carproof history showing up to $9000 of damage repaired with OEM, aftermarket or refurbished parts. The powertrain warranty on this grade covers the used vehicle for up to 3 months or 5,000 km and the worry-free exchange period lasts for 7 days (or 400 km, whichever comes first). For the biggest bargains, look to our no-frills C class -- vehicles that have a history but that go for steal prices. While you won’t find any maintenance done on these vehicles, they are repaired to ensure they are safe to drive using OEM, aftermarket or refurbished parts. You’ll still receive a powertrain warranty for up to 30 days / 1000 km of driving time and a 24-hour (100 km) exchange period following your purchase.

Reasons to Buy Used

1. Price. Pricing is typically the driving factor when it comes to shopping for a used vehicle, especially when you can expect some significant savings. At PineRidge, our expert team of financial advisors can help you find the right vehicle for your budget as well as flexible financing or leasing options even if you have low credit.

2. Features. If you have a preference for certain features and specifications, you can typically still find what you want in a used vehicle that’s still relatively new on the scene. Recent models are pretty up-to-date with the latest in tech and safety as these features don’t tend to change all that much year after year.

3. Quality. This is a big one and can often be what deters folks from wanting to shop used. Thankfully, many of the vehicles in our pre-owned inventory undergo a meticulous inspection before they even set wheel on our lots! This means each used vehicle must follow a strict criterion that includes being a recent model with low mileage and like-new condition. Each vehicle undergoes a 145-point inspection of all vital components performed by our expert technicians.

4. Resale value. Buying used means you can preserve the vehicle’s resale value since depreciation tends to only skyrocket with newer vehicles. This is extremely helpful should you decide to sell your preowned vehicle at some point in the future.

Shop Pre-Loved at PineRidge Ford!

Whether you’re in the market for a used truck or SUV, our extensive inventory of used vehicles is not only affordable but of premium quality. Not sure a Ford is right for you? No problem! Our pre-owned inventory includes vehicles of any make and model! Browse our inventory of class A, B, and C used vehicles today and don’t hesitate to give us a call with more questions about the used vehicle purchasing process!


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