See Through the Smoke at PineRidge Ford

We know we do things differently at PineRidge. In fact, we’re proud to stand out from other car dealers in Saskatchewan, because that means we’re doing things right. Our team at PineRidge runs on the philosophy that honesty with customers builds trust. That’s where “No Smoke, No Mirrors” came from. We were tired of the games that so many dealerships rely on, so we decided to ditch them all. What that leaves behind is only the facts - and a whole lot of fun, too!

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Why PineRidge Stands Out in Northern Saskatchewan

Let’s start with how we actually tell you what we paid for each vehicle. That’s right - we’re completely transparent when selling drivers in Meadow Lake, Meetoos, Barthel and Bright Sand new cars, trucks and SUVs. If there are any fees associated with your purchase, we go the extra mile to ensure you’re aware of them and what they’re for.

Not only do we fill you in on exactly what we’re asking for, but we also go out of our way to supply CarFax reports on our used vehicles, too. We get that people looking for a new (or nearly-new) ride in our great province may have to make quite the trek to get here, which is why we make sure that once they do, everything is smooth sailing.

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Where Quality Service Meets Fun

Honesty is the best policy - but having a good time during the process? That’s even better. PineRidge Ford believes buying a vehicle doesn’t just have to be tolerable; it can be downright fun. To put our money where our mouth is, we run amazing promotions (like chances to win huge stacks of cash) for customers who buy our cars. How do we have the funds to make that happen? Instead of dumping all of our cash into advertising, we bank on the fact that happy customers speak louder than billboards.

PineRidge Ford: An Experience

Trust, Honesty, and Transparency - with those three words, PineRidge Ford is changing the way people view the car dealership experience in Saskatchewan. The automotive industry has historically been full of confusing and unclear buying experiences. At PineRidge Ford, we strive to provide exactly the opposite. From upfront pricing, bill of sale inclusion for all of our vehicles, and a unique approach to used vehicle sales, we put it all on the table.

100% transparency

100% Transparency

Customers keep coming back and referring us to their friends and loved ones because they know we’re different. No Smoke. No Mirrors. This means we are 100% dedicated to being transparent and honest with you, our valued customers. All pricing and paperwork are available for you to see and we encourage you to ask questions. The bottom line is that we want you driving away completely happy and satisfied with your visit, and we won’t stop until that’s exactly the case.

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Quality Vehicles

We’re proud to carry new Ford products like the F-150 and Explorer, just as we’re proud to offer our customers quality used vehicles. We simply want you to be driving the right vehicle that suits your needs and budget. We’re not just selling, leasing, and servicing vehicles. We’re starting what we hope will be a long relationship with you.

Meet the Team

If you’re ready to begin your PineRidge experience, come on by our dealership at 413 Highway # 4 South in Meadow Lake and speak with one of our wonderful team members. All of our staff are extremely knowledgeable - plus they’ll make you feel welcome from the moment you step through the door. 

We don’t confuse proficient with stuffy. Whether it’s our Nerf gun fights at the Christmas party or our commitment to keeping family time alive (we’re closed each and every Sunday), making people happy is at the heart of everything we do.

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