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Whether you drive a brand new Ford or a seasoned station wagon, it’s important to know your vehicle is safe, reliable and roadworthy. PineRidge Ford provides professional service at affordable prices on all popular maintenance items whether you need an oil change, brake change, tire replacement or rotation. Our certified technicians work on all makes and models including Chevrolet, Dodge and Toyota, so whatever you’re driving, PineRidge Ford can get it running right. Check out our Service Menu to view prices and get started!

Ford Service with pineridge Ford

Tailored Service for Ford Vehicles

Our Service Team knows Fords -- from model-specific service schedules to exact part numbers, we'll figure out what your Ford needs and fix it right. Whether you drive a V8 mustang or an old, reliable F-150, our techs will make sure your vehicle has everything it needs to keep going for kms to come. Curious about your Ford's maintenance schedule? Ask our staff what your car, truck, van or SUV is due for based on your vehicle's type and odometer reading.

Genuine Ford Parts

It’s not shocking, but for your vehicle to run properly, it needs to have the right parts. We carry Genuine Ford Parts and have an expert staff of technicians to install and replace even the most complicated of parts quickly. When you purchase Genuine Ford Parts including engine parts, brake pads, oil filters and more, you get a lifetime warranty so you can drive off our lot with confidence.

Find the parts you need fast by clicking below. Not sure what you need? Talk with our Parts Department -- we’re always happy to give guidance and advice!

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If you’re thinking about getting your ride in for maintenance or a repair, chances are it needs one. Don’t delay that required service any longer -- book an appointment at PineRidge Ford’s experienced Service Centre and get your vehicle in tip-top shape for a reasonable price. Plus, while you wait we’ll keep you comfy and hydrated in our customer lounge!

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PineRidge Ford FAQ

Q. What does a tune-up for your car consist of?

A. A tune-up is meant to keep your vehicle running at its optimum level and catch any small problems before they become big problems. Sensors, hoses, filters, and similar parts will be inspected and replaced if necessary. Your engine and all moving parts will also be inspected, along with your battery and electrical system.

Q. How long does it usually take for an oil change?

A. Every vehicle is different, but the average amount of time it takes for an oil change is 15 – 20 minutes, not including the wait time. Book an appointment with us and get to the head of the line!

Q. What does an air filter do in my car?

A. Your engine’s air filter helps prevent small particles of dirt and debris from getting into your engine. Over time, your air filter will become clogged and need to be replaced. A dirty air filter can negatively affect your engine’s performance.

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