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Explore our spectrum of vehicle maintenance and repair services by our Ford-trained technicians.

Vehicle Service Packages

Give your car, truck or SUV the pampering it needs with one of PineRidge Ford’s service packages. You’ll receive a maintenance combo designed to tackle multiple facets of your ride at once to help everything stay in tip-top shape.

The Ford Maintenance Protection Plan
Includes engine oil & filter, inspection and tire rotation

"The Works" for Cars & Small SUVs
Includes engine oil & filter, inspection and tire rotation

"The Works" for Trucks & Large SUVs
Includes engine oil & filter inspection and tire rotation


"The Works" for Diesel Vehicles
Includes engine oil & filter, inspection, tire rotation and def fluid top-up

Wheels & Tires

Changing flats or switching to seasonals, we’ve got the solution to all of your wheel and tire needs at PineRidge.

Flat Tire Repair

Tire Rotation
Includes tire pressure check and re-torque


Tire Balance
starting at $37.30

Tire Mount & Balance
starting at

Tire Removal & Cleaning

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From strange noises to error codes, we’ll get to the root of the problem.

Noise Diagnosis
Requires road test with customer

Warning Light or Code Clear
Does not include diagnosis


No matter what you're driving, we can service and ensure you get the most out of each service.

Brake Pad Removal & Replacement (per axle)

Rotor Machining (per axle)

Brake Inspection

Engine & Transmission

The guts of every vehicle -- PineRidge is equipped to keep your engine in prime condition.

Engine Mechanical System Diagnosis
Includes leaks, noise, non-electrical, etc.

Transmission Mechanical System Diagnosis
Includes scan for leaks, noise, shifting issues, etc.

Front Suspension & Steering

Stay in control with the help of our steering-related services to your vehicle riding smoothly.

Front Suspension Inspection

Wheel Alignment
Includes caster adjustment, camber and toe-in

Wheel Alignment Inspection

Electrical Components

With computers taking control of more and more of your vehicle’s functions, keeping electrical components working should be on everyone’s maintenance schedule.

Initial Diagnosis and Pinpoint Test
Completed after codes have been pulled

Battery Change

Battery Service

Charging System Test

Key Cut and/or Program (parts extra)

Lane Departure Calibration

Scheduled Maintenance

The meat and potatoes of all vehicle service appointments -- check out our prices on the car maintenance you need the most often.

Maintenance Service

Engine Air Filter Change

Cabin Air Filter Change

Climate-Controlled Seat Filter Change

Coolant Concentration Test

Fuel Filter Change

Dual Diesel Fuel Filter Change

Coolant Flush & Refill (Diesel)

Secondary Cooling System Coolant Change (Diesel)

Coolant Flush & Refill (Gas)

Car Transmission Fluid Flush

Truck Transmission Fluid Flush

4x4 Transfer Case Fluid Change

Rear Axle Fluid Change

Front Axle Fluid Change

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