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It pays to be a student when you’re dealing with PineRidge Ford.

Our motto is “No Smoke. No Mirrors.” That means we are an honest, trustworthy dealership with a staff that will do everything they can to save you money. Why pay more when you don’t have to?

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First Time Buyer’s Program

For younger people, often the biggest challenge in financing a new vehicle is the down payment. Ford has a program to help. Thanks to the First Time Buyer Program, eligible individuals can have Ford match their down payment up to $500 on a new Ford vehicle. Contact us today for more details.

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Student Buyers

Auto Loans for Students

Starting off in the “real world” can be daunting for a student or recent grad. Getting a vehicle isn’t easy when you have limited credit or no credit at all. The finance team here at PineRidge Ford are experts when it comes to automotive financing and have close relationships with a range of banks and other financial institutions. There is a pretty good chance we can secure you financing for your next vehicle. Contact our finance team today.

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Terms and Conditions

Ford Credit offers financing to customer with no prior automotive finance history, known as First-Time-Buyers (FTB). Customer eligibility: FTB applicants are evaluated based on their individual creditworthiness while applying the following fundamentals: No prior automotive finance history on credit burear, no derogatory credit, no current delinquent accounts, no accounts with past delinquencies > 90 days past due, no charge-offs > $500 no repossessions, foreclosures, bankruptcies, and have a verifiedable monthly income sufficient to cover the vehicle payment. Vehicle eligibility: All new Ford and Lincoln vehicles. Reminder - only certain new vehicles qualify for Ford of Canada's financing rebate program. Please refer to Ford's First-Time Buyer Program for the latest details on the possibilities. $500 in customer cash rebates. All certified pre-owned vehicles. Contract/term eligibility: All retail and lease terms. All standard and subvened rate contracts. Requirements: $1,000 minimum down-payment on Retial contracts. Vehicles eligible for Ford of Canada's rebate program require a minimum of $500 cash down payment

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