Welcome to our Detail Centre

If you're looking for a car wash, or way more than a car wash, we can help. Located in Meadow Lake, our detail centre holds the gold standard for vehicle detailing. With varying levels of wash, vacuum, exterior detail, and shampooing, we can get you ready for the upcoming season at a price that won't hurt your bottom line.

The Gold

The Gold $724.99

Very heavy clean, this is the one you want if there are heavy odours of smoking or lots of pet hair to be removed: all of the above, more aggressive, deep shampooing of floor, seats, carpet, steaming of headliner, full clean.

The Silver

The Silver $483.99

All of the above, heavy cleaning, almost all steam clean, leather protector application, engine compartment, some pet hair removal, deep clean of interior.


The Bronze

The Bronze $241.99

All of the above, chrome shine, engine compartment cleaning, basic stain removal, steam cleaning of interior, trunk included.


The Basic

The Basic $157.24

All of the above, light-medium clean, shammy the tires, clean the tires, polish the chrome, wash interior and exterior and trunk. 

The Wash

The Wash $96.74

Interior wipedown, vac, exterior wash, gentle clean, trunk too.


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