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By: PineRidge Ford   |   16 Feb 2019
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Anyone who lives in Saskatchewan knows that nothing is ever close by. This is never truer than when you’re shopping for a new (or used) vehicle. At PineRidge Ford, our goal is to make your efforts worthwhile, which is why we are unrolling a new and exciting program at our dealership!

An online exclusive, PineRidge Perks will bring you new amazing promotions every two months available on all vehicle purchases. Don’t worry, you don’t have to go through the hassle of signing up for anything to cash in the benefits. Every visitor to our website will be able to qualify for the awesome bonuses we are about to be dishing out.


How We Do It:

We know you’re already getting suspicious about how PineRidge manages to give away incredible freebies like cruises, concerts, and amazing gear. But the truth is all out in the open, just like everything else here. As a Ford dealership, we receive an advertising budget to get the word out on our top-of-the-line inventory. However, we thought our customers might enjoy it a whole lot more if we used those funds to spoil them for trusting us to help with such an important life purchase.

Cue in our truly unique rewards program and the proof is in the pudding! You see, when clients realize that we are dedicated to making their entire relationship with our team unforgettable, they are excited to share their experience with friends and family. So, even though we’ve spent our funds on fun perks, our happy customers do our advertising for us -- and really, isn’t that how it should be?

How It Works:

For all of our online customers, we will be running a special promotion available with all vehicle purchases at our dealership. This promotion will change every two months and a calendar will be released showing which prizes are being offered for each time period. That way, not only do you reap a prize with your purchase, but you can choose which perk you get depending on when in the year you come to buy your vehicle!

No matter what way you paint it, PineRidge Perks equals nothing but sweet deals. And after visiting our dealership, you’ll see why so many from the entire reaches of the province have chosen to make Meadow Lake their one-stop destination for car, truck, and SUV purchases.

To check out our mind-blowing perks, visit our promotions page and prepare for your jaw to drop!


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