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By: PineRidge Ford   |   15 Jan 2021

We’re just going to come out and say it: the new Ford Bronco is hands down the best off-roader SUV on the market. Yep, we went there! Even when pitted against its biggest competitors in the segment - we’re looking at you, Wrangler - the new Bronco comes out on top across the board, including areas where Meadow Lake drivers demand excellence, like functionality, durability, technology and power. Whether you’re interested in the Bronco for its ultimate off-roading capabilities, or want to jump into the driver's seat of this legendary machine simply because it’s, well, legendary, we’re here today to show you that the new Ford Bronco’s incredible versatility makes it a top choice for a wide range of drivers.

Bronco History 101

This iconic SUV (and at one point, very truck-like vehicle) launched in the mid-60s, and was a popular model for Ford through to the 1990s. It was originally developed as an off-road SUV and has always existed on its own chassis, which gave it a competitive edge as a unique vehicle on North American highways. When the demand for big ol’ 2-door SUVs declined in the mid-90s, Ford discontinued the Bronco and replaced it with the 4-door Ford Expedition. After a 25-year hiatus, and a renewed demand for rugged off-roaders, the Ford Bronco is back, baby!

With the development of the newest Bronco, Ford set its sights squarely on out-classing competitors like the Wrangler and Land Rover. In true Ford fashion, engineers carefully examined the pain points of similar models, and got to work designing a vehicle that would check every single “must-have” box on consumers’ lists. Enter the 2021 Bronco lineup: smarter, more powerful, more capable and Built Ford Tough. With its removable doors and roof (bonus: you can stash them in the trunk), oversized all-terrain tires, modern and luxurious interior and an array of functional details, one look at the new Bronco and it’s clear that this rugged SUV means business.

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How the Ford Bronco Sets Itself Apart Today

One big change to the Bronco lineup is the addition of the Bronco Sport, which is built on the same platform as the Ford Escape. This compact SUV is still incredibly capable, but it delivers comfortable and convenient day-to-day functionality for drivers who are more apt to stick to paved roads. Don’t worry, this doesn't mean that the Bronco Sport is just another crossover in disguise. On the contrary, it’s loaded with most of the same features as its big brother, and is proudly decorated with the same iconic styling - there will be no denying that you’re behind the wheel of a Ford Bronco as you cruise the Canadian North!

Another feature we love about the new Bronco is the variety of trims, powertrains and options available on this modern machine. Gone are the days of the single-model Bronco, and you can now choose between dozens of combinations and accessories to build the perfect SUV for your needs. Models include the Base, Big Bend, Black Diamond, Badlands, Outer Banks and WildTrak, and each trim offers a unique smattering of stand-out features and benefits. There’s a lot to dive into when it comes to the full Bronco lineup, and we’ll do a separate ‘compare & contrast’ post to give the lineup the attention it deserves.

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On top of it all, the impressively-equipped Bronco Base model is priced with the average buyer in mind. When Ford set out to reimagine this legendary SUV, they wanted to make sure that Bronco’s best-in-class qualities were accessible for all. With its approachable starting price, and a plethora of available add-ons, Bronco not only suits a wide variety of drivers, but it also suits a wide variety of budgets.

The Bronco Has Arrived in Meadow Lake - Will You Be Among the First to Take This Iconic SUV for a Test Drive?

After distribution delays due to the Covid-19 global pandemic, Broncos have started arriving in Canada at select preferred Ford dealerships - and we’ve got ‘em here at PineRidge Ford! We’re among one of the only dealerships in Northern Saskatchewan to receive early Bronco inventory, and we can’t wait to help our customers get behind the wheel of this iconic SUV. Truly built for life in the Boreal Forest, the Ford Bronco is a perfect choice for Meadow Lake drivers. Take a look through our current inventory, or give us a call to reserve your Bronco today!

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