Walking a Fine Line With Covid-19

By: PineRidge Ford   |   04 May 2020
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“If you are anything like us, you are probably exhausted from Covid-19.”

- Kirt Prete, Dealer Principal at PineRidge Ford


The global pandemic has taken its toll on communities across the world, and we have felt many of the effects of the Covid-19 crisis right here in Northern Saskatchewan. First and foremost, we hope that you and your loved ones are in good health. Our health and wellbeing is invaluable, and the physical and mental safety of our neighbours across Meadow Lake and surrounding communities remains a top concern for us here at PineRidge Ford. Beyond the worry about our physical wellness, folks are dealing with a massive range of stressors, including loss of employment, loss of school and childcare options, added workload at home, caring for elderly relatives and financial concerns. We understand, and we are in the same boat here at the dealership - we are all in this together.


“Not only do we have to concern ourselves with our health, but the mental and financial stress of it all is something that we never anticipated to have to deal with.”

How PineRidge Ford is Adapting to Support Our Meadow Lake Community Amid Covid-19

As an auto dealership, PineRidge Ford is considered an essential service, which means that many of our services must remain open during this crisis. There are simply too many people who are dependent on having a reliable vehicle in order to survive, and we are committed to helping them in the safest ways possible. We are doing our part to help flatten the curve while we remain open, including conducting business through social distancing, reducing hours and scheduling, providing contactless vehicle services and performing vigilant sanitization procedures.


Our Service Centre has been one of the most active departments at PineRidge Ford, working tirelessly to help ensure that emergency vehicles are able to get the services they need, and to also make sure that your vehicle is in prime working condition and ready to be used at a moment’s notice. This week, we will be launching a new service experience: a contactless full engine service with oil change, full multi-point visual inspection, tire rotation and brake inspection - all completed within 20 minutes and while respecting social distancing measures.




Our Sales Department and Finance Centre have also been hard at work helping a substantial number of customers find mangeable solutions for their financial obligations. We’ve been advising folks on payment deferrals, finding new affordable leasing options and even helping customers take advantage of current incentives and deals. The reality is that many people still need reliable vehicles and were already planning on purchasing a new vehicle this spring, so they are interested in continuing with those plans to buy a new car, truck, crossover or SUV for work and family life. And with our new Ford AutoFi online car-buying program, it’s now possible to completely purchase a new set of wheels without even leaving the house.


Keeping the dealership open, under strict sanitation and social distancing measures, has made it possible for us to keep 5 extra staff members on board who would have been laid off if we were forced to close our doors. There has been plenty of controversy about the government’s decision to allow some businesses to stay open while others are forced to close, but we remain focused on the positive impact that the PineRidge Ford team can directly have on our community as a result of being able to (metaphorically) keep our doors open.


“It certainly is not business as usual. As a dealership we walk a fine line trying to do our part to protect each other, be a part of the solution and at the same time attempt to conduct business.”

We are working hard to stay connected with our customers, and our PineRidge Ford team members have personally contacted as many folks as possible across our Meadow Lake community. We want to check in and see how you are doing, how your family is holding up, and if any of our services or incentives can be of benefit to you during these trying times.

Don’t forget that we are still here, and we are here for you! You can continue to browse our inventory of new and used Ford vehicles (and test out our new AutoFi online shopping experience in the process!), schedule a contactless vehicle service appointment, take advantage of Ford offers, reach out to our finance experts if you need advice about making payments on your vehicle, or simply give us a call just to chat. We look forward to hearing from you and continuing to serve our neighbours across Northern Saskatchewan during this time of need.

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