How to Choose the Right Winter Tires for Your Ford

By: Pineridge Ford   |   18 Dec 2019
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No matter how great your Ford vehicle is, it’s not going to get very far without four dependable tires! Your tires are the only contact points between your car and the road, which makes them one of the most important parts of your car, truck or SUV. But how do you choose the right tires for your vehicle, your needs and our Meadow Lake climate? Our PineRidge Ford Tire Experts have put together a handy guide to help you select the tires that are right for you!

What’s a Ply Rating and Why Does it Matter?

You may have heard the term “tire ply rating” before, but what exactly does it mean? A ply rating refers to a tire’s strength and load-bearing capacity, and it becomes quite important if you are planning to tow or haul heavy loads. The ply rating system was more commonly used when tires were constructed from multiple layers of materials; but modern advancements in tire engineering has changed the way tires are manufactured, so the “load range scale” is a more common tool nowadays. The load range scale includes letters “A” through “L,” and most trucks and SUVs with towing capacity will fall somewhere between “C” and F.” If you are unsure about which load range is best for your vehicle and lifestyle, be sure to chat with the experts at our Tire Centre. They will always steer you in the right direction and make sure that your tires can withstand whatever you load on top of them!

Tire Ply Rating Load Range Scale
6 ply C
8 ply D
10 ply E
12 ply F

Winter vs. All-Season Tires

It might be tempting to put a set of all-season tires onto your Ford and forget about it, but with our unpredictable Meadow Lake winters we highly recommend rotating between a winter set and an all-season set of tires. Winter tires have more cuts in the tread (called “sipes”) that are built to move more water, slush, snow and ice off the road, so that your tires can make more contact with the pavement. The more direct contact your tires have with the pavement, the better your traction; and the better your traction, the safer the occupants of your car, truck or SUV will be. Your safety is our priority, which is why we make tire shopping, changing and storage as easy as possible. The experts at our PineRidge Ford Tire Centre can help you select the best winter and all-season tires for your Ford vehicle, change them for you at the turn of the seasons and even store the out-of-season tires for you - all at an unbeatable price!

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Trust PineRidge Ford for all of Your Tire Needs!

We proudly stock only the best tires for the best vehicles on the road - afterall, when your vehicle is built Ford tough, your tires need to be built tough too! You’ll find tires from brands like BF Goodrich, Michelin, Good Year and many others that meet our high quality of standards. We can find the right tires for any make or model of Ford car, truck or SUV, and you can start browsing our inventory with our handy Tire Finder before you come in. Whether you need heavy-duty tires for your F-150 to haul the camper to Kimball Lake for the weekend, something rugged for taking your Explorer off-roading or a sleek and safe set of tires for your Fusion, PineRidge Ford has got you covered.

The team at our Tire Centre knows how important the right set of tires is, and they are here to make sure you drive away in a set of tires that will keep you safe this winter. Browse and order tires online, or book an appointment to visit us at our Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan dealership. You can trust our PineRidge Ford team to find the right tires for your vehicle and get you back onto the road before the snow starts to fly!

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