It’s the Final Showdown!

By: Pineridge Ford   |   05 Oct 2019
Ford Ranger vs. Toyota Tacoma

At PineRidge Ford, we’ve been on a mission to prove the worthiness of the long-awaited Ranger against the top names in the mid-sized pickup market. In our last two face-offs, Ranger outshone formidable opponents like Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon, and now it’s time for the ultimate battle. 

It’s no secret that Toyota Tacoma has dominated the light-weight pickup truck world for the past decade. Tacoma’s hold on the market played a major factor in some of the other top manufacturers taking a break from the North American scene for a while -- much to do with Toyota’s rugged off-road capabilities. Now that Range is back in town, how will it stand up to the reigning champ?

Join us as we pit the two against each other in 3 main categories to determine which truck wins for drivers in Saskatchewan.


ford ranger vs. toyota tacoma: technology

Top-of-the-Line Tech

Toyota and Ford are both forerunners in the world of car technology. This makes it not surprising that both Tacoma and Ranger bring a pile of awesome features to the table. Both pickups offer innovative touchscreen infotainment systems that allow drivers to connect using Apple CarPlay and AndroidAuto. Ranger allows drivers to connect with other drivers using the Waze navigation system, while Tacoma lets you connect with a live assistant for advice -- though this feature is only available with the purchase of an additional service plan.

Tacoma and Ranger both provide remote apps so you can control parts of your truck even when you’re not in it, but only Tacoma gives drivers a Qi wireless charge pad (something that would have been nice to have in the Ranger.) But a much larger oversight lies in Toyota’s court, as they have not enabled the 2020 Tacoma with Wi-Fi hotspotting capabilities -- something up to ten users can enjoy in the Ranger. This omission affects families on the go, making Ranger more appealing for camping trips or long drives.


ford safety

Superior Safety

Compared to their peers, Tacoma and Ranger boast the most robust safety suites out there. Tacoma comes loaded with Toyota Safety Sense, while Ford offers Co-Pilot 360 -- both full of driver-assistance technology that acts as a backup when you need it most. The systems, themselves, are very similar, each providing lane trace assist, forward collision warnings, automatic high beams and more.

Tacoma’s safety system comes standard on all models, while Ranger offers it as an affordable extra on base trim levels. Ford makes towing with a midsize truck easier with the help of a Blind-Spot Information System that also takes into account the length of an attached trailer, making Ranger a little more versatile in what it can do.


ford ranger vs. toyota tacoma: power

Tough Trucks

What good is a pickup if it isn’t strong, right? Tacoma comes in two different engine sizes, a 2.7L and a larger 3.5L V6, while Ford uses the same 2.3L 4-cylinder turbocharged engine in all Ranger models. Even with two extra cylinders, the Toyota falls short in both towing capacity and payload, with Ranger dominating at 7,500 lbs to Tacoma’s 6,800 and 1,560 - 1,860 lbs of payload compared to 1,120 - 1,620 lbs. 

We’d be taking the easy way out if we didn’t include that Tacoma is crafted for off-road strength, giving drivers advanced features like Fox shock absorbers, locking gear differential crawling control and a desert air intake. Ranger also offers an off-road package, though it does not include quite as many extras as the TRD Pro. But one look at fuel economy and the Toyota falls behind once more, with Ford at 10.9L/100 km of travel and Tacoma at 12.9L on their smallest engine.


ford ranger

The Verdict:

With longstanding reputations, each of these trucks is great at what they do -- but there can only be one winner. While anyone who plans to be off the pavement more than on it would do well to invest in a TRD Pro Tacoma, pretty much every other driver around Meadow Lake will find more value in a Ranger. It’s more powerful, better for families, cheaper on gas and it’s shockingly responsive out on the highway. Read it and weep, Tacoma, your time on the throne has come to an end. 

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