Leasing and Financing with PineRidge Ford: Why There’s no Better Place in Saskatchewan for your Next Car or Truck

By: PineRidge Ford   |   19 Oct 2018
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Leasing isn’t something that every vehicle buyer is familiar with, and that’s okay! When it comes to financing and leasing, nobody does it better than Ford. Why? Because we have unique programs for leasing, as well as incredible lease rates to make getting into your next F-150 or Escape a breeze.

Lease or Finance with Confidence

Our finance manager, Sharie, is an expert at finding the right finance and lease options for our residents. With her long history and wealth of experience in the industry, it’s no surprise that people come to Sharie to set up their program, even before they’ve decided what vehicle they’re interested in!


When you work with an expert in a professional setting like ours here at PineRidge, you’ll be able to confidently sleep at night knowing your credit was treated with care. Here, your loan or lease will be assessed with the unique attention that it deserves, and won’t be sent all over to different lenders just to see what comes back (that’s bad for your credit, and not something we do here!). We’ll set you up with the best loan available to you, and it’s always based on the best deals we have at any given time. With so many great rebates coming through, it’s no surprise that we’re always bustling!

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Why Lease?

Leasing is beneficial for a few different types of vehicle shoppers:


• Those who are in the area for a short period of time and might not need a vehicle long-term

Folks who like to stay up-to-date with the latest in technology and features

Shoppers who like to trade up and use different cars every few years


When you lease a vehicle, your monthly payments are set up for a pre-determined amount of time; usually three or four years. Once you reach this point, you can return the vehicle and your commitment is complete. You don’t need to keep making payments after this period. You’re then able to choose a new vehicle that suits your style, or move on or even to take up bicycle commuting! Whatever your prerogative, your lease terms can be adjusted to suit.


Other options with leasing allow early payments, vehicle buyouts if you love the vehicle so much that you want to keep it, GAP protection, and flexible lease end options.


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Why Finance?

When you finance a vehicle, it can be hard to have all of the cash that you need on-hand to buy the vehicle outright. That’s why financing is so great! Financing allows you to take out a loan on a vehicle of your choosing and pay it back over time.


Financing allows you to choose between different terms of your loan: interest rates available to you over different durations. Usually, the length of financing is three or four years. The interest rates available depend on current rates and promotions, as well as your current credit situation.


When you finance a vehicle, you come to own the vehicle over time. This means that one your payments are up, you own the vehicle and will no longer have a payment; just a cool ride and extra money in the bank. People often look to finance when they want to keep a vehicle over a longer period of time and would like to free themselves from payments in the long term. If this sounds like your style, apply for financing online and we’ll connect with your results quickly and clearly. No smoke, no mirrors, is our slogan, after all.

Visit our finance centre for more details, or connect with our team. We’ll be here if you have any questions!

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