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By: PineRidge Ford   |   29 Jun 2018
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When we start getting ready for summer in Saskatchewan, we mean business.

Nobody has longer or colder winters than we do (or at least that’s how it feels), and we wait all too patiently for the roads to clear off. Now that it’s here, get ready to hit the road in style. Here’s how to get ready for summer from bumper-to-bumper.

Check Yourself

Any vehicle should be inspected regularly, both on your own prior to driving and by a certified professional. Once we come out from under winter’s heavy hand, it’s important to check your F-150 or Focus to ensure that it is in good working order.

Make sure that your oil is clean and topped up; this is one of the easiest and most important vehicle maintenance items that you can do. It will prevent you from needing more expensive maintenance down the road, and also keep you safe all year long. Once your oil is checked, we suggest looking to your windshield washer fluid. One of the biggest (small) annoyances of the season is mosquitos on your windshield. Keep them at bay by keeping your fluid topped up.

When looking for filters, ensure that your oil filter is clean. This will prevent clogs and keep your vehicle running efficiently. Inside, check your cabin air filter for debris, and replace if needed. Your cabin air filter keeps the air in your vehicle clean and keeps gross outside dirt and grime on the outside. Our professional service team can help if you’re not sure how, or simply don’t have the time!

Get Sparkling Clean

For both your own satisfaction and your vehicle’s health it is important to keep your vehicle clean. Once winter passes (and honestly, during winter) it is key to remove salt and dirt from the interior and exterior of your vehicle. Salt is one of the most common perpetrators of vehicle rust. Don’t let it ruin your vehicle’s shine. A thorough cleaning of your vehicle’s body, undercarriage, and interior will keep it looking sharp for years to come.

Our Packages

We have a variety of different detailing options available, based on your needs and the level of detailing required. Our professional detailing team takes it from your expected local car wash to serious clean like you’re the queen when you visit.

The Gold

The gold package is a very heavy clean. This is the option that you want if there are heavy odours of smoking or lots of pet hair to be removed: all of the features of the other tiers with a more aggressive clean, deep shampooing of floor, seats, carpet, steaming of headliner, and full clean. This is the Michael Phelps of detailing services.

The Silver

One might say that it’s the Ryan Lochte of detailing services. The silver contains all of the elements of the below packages. You’ll get a heavy cleaning, mostly steam finishing, leather protectant, engine compartment cleaning, some pet hair removal, and a deep clean of the interior.

The Bronze

All of the below services plus a chrome shine, engine compartment cleaning. Includes basic stain removal, steam cleaning of the interior, and trunk cleaning.

The Basic

Includes the wash (below) with light-medium clean, tire shammy, tire clean, chrome polish, wash interior and exterior, plus the trunk.

The Wash

Interior wipedown, vac, exterior wash, gentle clean, trunk too.

You can find more information about our packages on our detailing page. If you’re ready, book your detailing service online. We’ll get back to you and get your vehicle looking sharp in no time.

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