Gift Ideas for Ford Lovers

By: PineRidge Ford   |   29 Jun 2018
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As Saskatchewan’s home for tough Ford trucks, we know how passionate Ford fans can be. Whether it’s bragging about how the latest F-150 trumps the Silverado or bragging about being the best-selling truck in North America, Ford fans have gusto. What do you get the Ford fan that seems to have everything? Something better.

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Ford Parts

The one deep hole that truck (and car) lovers get themselves into is upgrades. While we love upgrading and making changes to our vehicles, we know that it can be nice to have someone else help you out. With that being said, our parts desk offers not only the standard hardware such as all-season and winter tires, but we also have jumbo-sized tires and lift kits available. 

We’re able to help you source both Genuine Ford parts, as well as aftermarket parts. From head lamps to towing kits, there are lots of options to choose from. If you’re looking to haul an RV, lift your truck, or even source accessories such as hats and travel mugs, we can help. Check our our parts selection and our parts team members would be happy to help you find a great customized gift for the Ford driver in your life.

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Ford Vehicles

Alright, so we know that most people aren’t into the habit of giving people cars and trucks for their birthdays, but sometimes that special someone needs a little push. If their truck is getting old, their car doesn’t fit their family, sometimes a little nudge in the right direction can help.

We’ve had wives get their partner’s first monthly payment towards a new vehicle, parents supply the down payment for their child’s first car, and the occasional gift purchase. If your Ford lover is in need of a vehicle, nothing can beat it.

As Saskatchewan's most-trusted dealership, people come from far and wide just to shop with us. We’re not kidding. People come from across the whole province (as well as Alberta) because of our no smoke, no mirrors philosophy.

We carry a wide selection of new Ford models, as well as used vehicles of all makes and models. Right now, we’re on our final new 2017 Ford models and the discounts are hot. Find them here before they’re completely gone.

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Luckily, Ford vehicles have low repair rates compared to other models. Just like any vehicle, Fords should still be taken care of like they deserve. Regular maintenance is key to keeping any vehicle running as long as possible, and our service team takes pride in helping that happen.

Did you know that you can order PineRidge Ford gift certificates? That’s right! If your favourite person is a big driver, getting them an oil change is kind of like getting them socks for Christmas. When you were a kid it was the worst to get socks, and then once you’re older they’re at the top of the list. Nothing beats getting a gift that saves you buying a necessity for yourself. It’s one less thing that you’ll feel obligated to do, and one more thing to free up space for bigger tires or extra speakers. Save on service today.

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Whatever your needs are, we’ll be happy to advise or assist. You can contact our no smoke, no mirrors team easily online now.


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